Our consultants are highly trained professionals with the real world experience to unshackle complex IT projects. We ensure that our consultants are productive from day one, by undertaking a careful skills and experience matching process while engaging them at client site. Our IT consultants possess a broad range of expertise - application developers, database specialists, software engineers, project managers, enterprise software implementation experts. We encourage them to constantly update and improve their technical skills.

Anzeon reinforce this by offering classroom training, promoting Internet-based training and bearing the responsibility for their participation in training programs. We encourage them to continuously enhance their skills in consonance with the market pulse – through Benchmarking and Training – both In-house and Certification. Our lead consultants participate in In-house training programs, bringing their rich and varied field experience to the classrooms, endowing our employees with a leading edge in problem-solving

We foster the most capable, independent technology experts in several IT fields. Our consultants learn through real-world projects, gain a complete understanding of the concerns and the range of solutions and institutionalize this learning for the mutual benefit through experience-sharing.